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Finding the true essence of a person by removing societal definition through photographic artistry. 

We all came into existence the same way. We are all the human race. But society dictates who we are, or what we will become, or how we feel about ourselves. Society puts labels and judgments on us. Through discussions and photographic art I want to help people see that we have put labels on ourselves and each other. But when you take that all away (our skin color, our abilities, disabilities, talents, possessions,victories and failures, money or lack or money, religion and beliefs, our stories, our past, etc) we can create a clearing to see ourselves and others for who we truly are. We will see we are all ONE and can come together to create peace and harmony. The motivation of these sessions will be to create unity, self-confidence, love for ourselves and others, and empower everyone involved to make a difference.


my style....

For my first session, I want to do artistic photo shoots with a few girls at a time who are diverse and different in many ways... to show them and the world we are all the same and we are all a true work of art and valuable. My artistic shoots are a one of kind experience. I take each child and recognize their unique beauty and gifts they have and bring them out in my photos. It's all about them. Each child receives hair and makeup, wardrobe, a themed set designed just for their shoot, even a catered lunch to help create a truly amazing experience. With a team of like-minded people to help create these photo sessions, I will include a special segment in the beginning with activities and discussions for empowering love and unity led by professionals.  

The final touch will be editorial prints with the girls and a little blurb about the experience and unique things about them without mentioning who said what. Imagine the effect this will have on them and those reading it. 

my request...

I'm starting by collecting donations specifically for this project to pay for the best of the best services because every child deserves it. If you are interested in participating, please book a session for yourself or donate by clicking the donate button to help provide these services for underprivileged children we want to help empower. 


If you are a professional and would like to get involved please email me at

We are looking for speakers, social workers, organizations who work with children in need, hair stylists, hair and makeup artists, magazines, wardrobe stylists, designers, artists, photographers, writers, social media gurus, media and press, and anyone else who wants to help. 

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